Create New Member

Use Popl APIs to create a new member

This API will create a new Popl account by email. If an account with a particular email already exists, this API will update that account instead of creating.

Don't forget to authenticate before calling this API.

  • Create Member: Create a new member and have the option to assign the member to a team or send an email invite


  "payload": [
        "email": "",
        "jobTitle": "a job title",
        "name": "Jessica Swift",
        "bio": "my bio",
        "company": "a company name",
        "subteam": "",
        "importType": "",
        "photo": "",
        "location": "My office location",
        "leadCaptureMode": "1",
        "links": [
            {"id": 9, "title": "Email", "icon": "link_to_icon", "value": "", "updateExisting": true},
            {"id": 31, "title": "Call", "icon": "link_to_icon", "value": "5108478748", "updateExisting": true}
  "teamId": 8542,
  "templateId": 2944,
  "shouldSendInvites": false

The parameters shown above are optional except "email" which is the only required parameter to create a new member. See descriptions for each parameter below:

  • email (string) required

    • The login email for the new member

  • jobTitle (string)

    • The job title for the new member

  • name (string)

    • The name for the new member

  • bio (string)

    • The bio for the new member

  • company (string)

    • The company name for the new member

  • subteam (string)

    • The subteam id that the new member should be added to.

  • photo (array)

    • The profile photo link for the new member.

    • This can be any link that is publicly accessible

  • location (string)

    • The location/address for the new member

  • leadCaptureMode (string)

    • This parameter will set lead capture mode on or off for the new member

    • This value must be either "0" or "1", default is "0" (disabled)

  • links (array)

    • This parameter will create links that appear on the member's digital card.

    • Links can be any piece of content that Popl has available ranging from phone numbers, emails, websites, embedded videos and more.

    • Link Parameters:

      • id (integer)

      • title (string)

        • The title that will be shown for this particular link. This value is optional and will use the default title if not provided.

      • icon (string)

        • The icon link for the new piece of content. This value is optional and will use the default icon if not provided.

      • value (string)

        • The actual link content value. So for example, if this was an email link, the value would be ""

      • updateExisting (boolean)

        • Whether this new link being added should replace an existing one if it exists, or create a new one. The default is to create a new link, even if one with the same value already exists.

  • teamId (integer)

    • The team id that the new member should be added to. If a team id is provided that does not exist, the member will not be added to any team. This value is optional.

  • templateId (integer)

    • The id of the template that should be applied to the new member. If a template id is provided that does not exist, a template will not be added to the member. This value is optional.

  • shouldSendInvites (boolean)

    • Should the API send this new member an email invite to claim their new digital business card. The default is true.

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