Zapier Integration

Use the Popl Zapier app in order to sync lead and contact information to other CRM and marketing platforms!

In this document, we will provide a step by step walkthrough of how individuals and teams can use the Popl Zapier app to sync lead and contact information to 5000+ different CRM and marketing platforms!

Here is the homepage for the Popl Zapier app for your reference: Popl is currently the 2nd most popular contact management app on the entire Zapier marketplace! 🎉

Setting up your first Zapier Flow (Zap)

  1. First, from the zaps page of your Zapier dashboard click the "Create" button and choose "New Zap". On the next page you should see two pieces:

  • Trigger: The trigger is the app/platform that starts the Zapier integration. In this case, the trigger will always be Popl.

  • Action: The action is the app/platform that Zapier integration eventually does once the Popl trigger occurs.

So the flow is once the Trigger happens, do Action.

  1. Next, click on the trigger step and use the search bar to search "Popl". Choose the newest available, which at this time is version 1.3.1.

Once Popl is chosen, the next step is to choose one of our three available event types:

  • New Contact (For Your Account): This event is for individual Popl users who are just managing their own digital business card. If you are on a Free, Pro or Pro+ plan, this is the trigger for you!

  • New Lead (For Your Team): This event is for teams admins who are managing a team of digital business card users. When this option is chosen, the Zapier trigger will run whenever anyone on your team has that event occur. So if any member of your team collects a new lead, when this event is chosen, the Zapier flow will run.

  • New Lead (For Your Subteam): This event is for teams admins who are managing a team of digital business card users and want a Zapier flow to run for a specific subteam (group) of members. When this option is chosen, the Zapier trigger will run whenever anyone on that particular subteam has that event occur. So if any member of that particular subteam collects a new lead, when this event is chosen, the Zapier flow will run. The subteam is chosen based on whatever subteam the logged in user is on. We will choose the logged in user in the next step!

Once you've chosen one of the event options, click "Continue" to go to the next step.

  1. Now we are ready to authenticate into our Popl account to fully complete our trigger step! Click the "Choose" button and you will see a popup appear that asks for a username and password.

For this step your Popl account email is your username and your Popl account password is your password. If you don't remember your account password, no problem! Please reset it here:

Once you provide the correct email and password login, the authentication is complete and the account will show your Popl account email. Once this is done, click "Test" to test your trigger and pull in test data. Go ahead and choose one of the test connections that were brought in (if only one was brought in then just choose the single one). Finally, click "Continue with selected record".

This test record is going to contain the data we use to set up the mappings for the action step.

  1. Now we are ready to set up the Action step! When the action picker opens, use the search bar to search for the app you'd like to sync your lead/contact info to. For our example, we will choose HubSpot as our action step. This means when a new lead/contact is created in Popl, we want that contact to sync to HubSpot as a contact.

For whichever app you choose, you will now need to choose which event you'd like for that app. In our case, we will choose "Create Contact". Then click "Continue"

  1. Next, you will be asked to authenticate into whatever app you choose. You will use the credentials that you normally use to log into this other app. This could be an email/password, it could be a auth token, etc.

  2. Now we arrive at the fun part! We are ready to set up our field mappings. At this step we will decide which field from the Popl lead/contact should map to which field in HubSpot.

For example:

  • Popl contact email -> HubSpot contact email

  • Popl contact name -> HubSpot contact name

  • and so on...

See below an example mapping for email. Simply use the fields from your test Popl contact and input each one to a field on the other app side. In the example below, we are choosing the "Email" field from Popl and adding that to the "Contact information: Email" field on HubSpot.

This means whenever a new contact is collected, the contact's "Email" will always map to the HubSpot's "Contact information: Email" field.

  1. Once you are done mapping each field, it's time to test the action step. Click "Continue", then "Test" to test the action step with the test data from your chosen connection from step 3. If the action test is successful you will see a success message like "A Contact was sent to HubSpot about 4 seconds ago".

Congrats! 🎉

The very last step is to now click "Publish"! Once published, the zap will run automatically whenever the Popl trigger occurs. Great job saving you or your team hours of manual work :). Check out Popl Teams to instantly start syncing leads for your entire team.

If any issues or questions, please contact us at, we are available nearly 24/7 and will get back to you within 6-8 hours or less.

Separating First and Last Name

Many of our customers would like to split the "name" field from Popl leads/contacts into "first name" and "last name" fields. In order to do this, here is a step by step guide from Zapier:

With 🤍 from Popl.

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