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Connect to the Popl API to push or pull lead, contact, member or analytics information directly from our database.


Popl Open API enables Popl customers to create, access, or manage leads, contacts, members or analytics externally with a simple and easy to use API. Connecting to our ecosystem can be great for:

  • Exporting leads to CRMs that Popl does not offer directly

  • Keeping multiple external databases up to date concurrently

  • Polling for new lead data that can then trigger other tasks


The Popl API requires an api key to connect. This API key is unique per each account and can be requested at any time by asking your account executive or by sending us an email here.

To make a call to the API, the api key must be passed in the body of your request with the format:

"apikey": "{your_api_key}"

To request an api key for yourself or your team, simply send us an email here.

Teams (Popl Teams)

When connecting to the API to access lead data for a team, the requested api key must be made by a Popl Teams admin in order for our APIs to return team-wide lead data. If the requesting member is not an admin, the api key provided will only allow access to that individuals own leads.

Individuals (Pro or Pro+)

When connecting to the API to access lead data for an individual on Pro or Pro+, simply request an api key with your account email and all lead data for your single account will be accessible. For example, an api key for john@swift.com will not be able to access lead data that belongs to sarah@swift.com

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