Connect Outlook to Popl for syncing Popl leads as Outlook contacts
In this document, we will provide a step by step walkthrough of how to setup our direct integration with Outlook! This integration will allow you to instantly sync the leads you collect via Popl to your Outlook account.
NOTE: Because each Microsoft user has their own personal Outlook email account, an Outlook integration cannot be set up for an entire team. Each member of a team must set up their own Outlook integration in order for their leads to sync.

Authenticating into your Outlook Account

1. First, from the home page of Popl Dashboard, click into the "Integrations" tab. Then find the integration tile for Outlook and click "Configure".
Popl Teams Integrations Page
2. Next, you will see the Outlook popup as shown below. Click on "Connect" button in the top right of the popup.
3. A Microsoft login window will then pop up asking you authenticate into your Outlook account.
Microsoft 0Auth Authentication Flow
Permissions and consent may be required. The permissions requested by this integration are:
  • offline_access
  • User.Read
  • Contacts.ReadWrite
4. After finishing the authentication, the Microsoft authentication window will disappear and you will see that the button in the top right of the popup now shows "Connected". Great job! Now you can toggle on one (or multiple) of our 2 available workflows, as shown below.

Syncing Contacts to Outlook

1. Now that your Outlook account is connected, there are 2 options for workflows that you can turn on. Note: you can turn on multiple workflows if you'd like.
  • AUTO SYNC - Convert Popl Leads into Outlook Contacts The Auto Sync workflow will automatically sync leads from Popl to Outlook at the very moment that you captures a new lead on Popl. This workflow completely removes any sort of manual data entry or lead selection, saving you time and creating incredible efficiency.
  • Convert Popl Leads into Outlook Contacts The normal sync workflow is best if you'd like to choose which leads you would like to sync over to Outlook before they are synced. This workflow has more control than the auto sync as you can decide exactly which leads should be synced and which leads shouldn't be.

Congrats! 🎉

Once your desired workflow(s) are enabled, you are all set! Now you can export leads at any time from the Popl Dashboard or the Popl mobile app to your Outlook account.
If any issues or questions, please contact us at [email protected], we are available nearly 24/7 and will get back to you within 6-8 hours or less.
With 🤍 from Popl.