Contact Sync Logic

This document will outline the various logic that Popl uses when syncing leads from Popl to HubSpot as contacts.

When syncing Popl leads to HubSpot, we use specific logic to make sure that contact info is synced over correctly, saving you and your team time and manual effort. Below, we've outlined this logic in detail for our contact sync so that the process is clear.

NOTE: Our integration with HubSpot is fully customizable and if a custom mapping or setup is needed, just let us know at and we'll be happy to set it up for you free of charge.

Syncing to HubSpot Contacts

When syncing Popl leads to your HubSpot, the integration will first perform a read operation to see if the contact already exists. This search (query) uses the contact's "email" as a primary key to match with any existing contact already in your HubSpot. Based on the search, two flows can be taken:

- If No Contact is Found (Create New):

If no contact is found from this initial search based on email, then the integration will proceed to create a new contact. Contact ownership and any custom mappings will be applied automatically based on the documentation here: HubSpot Integration.

Once the contact is created, the integration will also log a meeting engagement and a note engagement if a note was added to the contact. Adding these additional elements adds context to the interaction and contact.

- If an Existing Contact is Found (Update Existing):

If a contact is found with the Popl lead's specific email, then the integration will proceed to update that contact accordingly instead of creating a new contact, which would be a duplicate. All fields that are sent over during the sync will be updated in the contact. Once the contact is updated, if you have set up a campaign to sync via the configuration popup, we will proceed to add the existing (and now updated) contact to your desired campaign.

Congrats, you are now an expert! 🎉

Once your desired workflow(s) are enabled, you are all set! You or your team can export leads at any time from the Popl Dashboard or the Popl mobile app to your connected HubSpot account.

Check out Popl Teams to instantly start syncing leads from Popl Teams to your HubSpot account!

If any issues or questions, please contact us at, we are available nearly 24/7 and will get back to you within 6-8 hours or less.

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