Auto Sync™

Set up daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly auto syncs so that Popl digital cards are provisioned or removed automatically via our Workday integration.

The Initial Sync

During the initial sync, Popl Teams will create digital business cards for each member with the attribute mappings listed below:

Popl Field

Workday Field




Employee.work_email (fallback: Employee.personal_email)

Job Title




Phone Number



Employee.work_location (fallback: home_location)

Profile Picture


If a member's email from the sync is already attached to a Popl digital business card, we will simply invite the existing member instead of creating them. The existing Popl user will get an email invite to join your company on Popl Teams unless you have "Send Email Invites" toggled off.

Note: The Workday sync will never create duplicate members, emails are used as the primary key and if a member already exists for a certain email, the existing member will be used, not created.

Future Syncs with Auto Sync™

As your company grows, names, titles, departments, and other member info can change. With any sync after your initial one, Auto Sync™ will automatically update Popl digital cards to correct, up-to-date info without any manual work or entry.

For example, let's say that Jessica Swift gets a promotion and her title changes from Marketing Manager to Director of Marketing. After a successful daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly auto sync, this title change will instantly reflect on Jessica's digital business card. Syncs can also be run manually by clicking the "Edit Setup" button at any time from the add members page or the integrations tab.

Enabling Auto Sync™

To enable an auto sync option, click on "Edit Setup", then under the group search bar, see section labeled Auto Sync Frequency. Next, pick the cadence you'd like, then click "Save Configuration" in the bottom right to save this setup. You can also click "Sync Now" to run a sync immediately if you'd like.

Use the Overwrite toggle options for each field to decide which fields you'd like to update on future syncs, even if those fields have values already. For example, if "Job Title" has a value that isn't the same as on the Workday side and the toggle for overwriting "Job Title" is toggled on, the next auto sync will overwrite this value with the value from the Workday side.

If any issues or questions, please contact us at, we are available nearly 24/7 and will get back to you within 6-8 hours or less.

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